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E-Care 8kg Cold Fill Silver


Dimensions & Weight

Extraction & Capacity

Max Spin Speed1600 rpm
Wash Load Capacity8kg
Door Opening Angle165 degrees
Range & SKU

Range E-Care+
Range & SKU


Display LED
Loading Type Front
Fit Freestanding

Refresh 20°C 35 mins
Quick 20°C 28 mins
Dark 40°C 1hr 45 min
Quiet 40°C 1hr 24 mins
Rinse & Spin 20°C 53 mins
Allergy Care 60°C 2hr 16 mins
Cotton Saver 60°C 2hr 6 mins
Synthetic 40°C 1hr 19 mins
Delicate 20°C 1hr 6 mins
Mixed 40°C 1hr 35 mins
Spin Only 20°C 19 mins
Hand/wool 30°C 45 mins
Drum Clean 90°C 1hr 22 mins
Eco 40-60 40°C 3hr 48 mins

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My Wash Customisation

Your favourite settings can be saved under the My Wash button. Choose your most used settings on temperature, spin speed and program duration and save under My Wash for added convenience.


7-year parts and labour guarantee

Not only are all parts guaranteed, but the labour costs of repairing the machine are covered too. You cannot buy a more comprehensive washing machine guarantee than the one you receive from Ebac. All labour associated with the repair is included. No small print, no exceptions - Ebac covers all costs.

Low energy, lowest carbon footprint

Rated C on the new A-G energy scale and A+++ on the old scale, the Ebac E-Care 8kg is one of the most energy-efficient machines available. Specially designed to reduce water waste, with lower electricity costs and microfiber release. Ebac has the lowest carbon footprint of any machine available in the UK.

E carehot 2

Hydro fin paddles

3 unique paddles with special agitation design maximise wash performance and gets your washing really clean.

E carehot 1

Perfect wash protection

PWP Technology automatically checks the drum balance and adjusts spin speeds and wash times automatically to protect your clothes and the machine.

E carehot 3

Super efficient

Precision 360 technology sensors weigh your load and calculates the exact amount of water and energy to use for maximum cleaning and performance efficiency.

E carehot 4

Delayed start

Press the delayed start button and the machine can be set to complete for when you return from work – ensuring your load stays fresh before drying.

E carehot 5

Low noise program

The inverter-driven brushless motor and quality stainless steel casing ensure long-lasting, ultra-quiet performance.

E carehot 6

Extra strong plastics

Robust, durable components that are made to last and keep up with even the busiest homes. Complete peace of mind for years to come.

E carehot 7

3600 perfect apertures

Ebac’s drum technology has 3600 perfect apertures to allow water and detergent to penetrate deep into laundry for deep cleaning.

E carehot 8

Automatic drum cleaning

The integrated drum cleaning cycle eliminates odours, kills bacteria and removes dirt and grime that may collect in the drum, pipes and associated areas.

E carehot 9

Sensitive skin

Use the extra rinse setting to remove even more detergent particles from the clothes. Ideal for people with particularly sensitive skin.

Rectangle 91

Repairable and Serviceable

With a two piece drum design, every Ebac washing machine is repairable and serviceable. Replacing bearing or fixing damaged caused by accidents is straightforward and the lifespan of the machine can be extended through repair.

Image 258

20o angled control panel

For ease of use, clear vision when operating your machine, the control panel is angled at 20 degrees to provide the most coinvent and easy to use control panel available.

Image 259

Large door portal and opening

One of the largest door openings in the industry allows you to load and unload washing far easier than smaller doors with smaller opening angles.

15 programs of perfect fabric cleaning and care

From highly delicate hand and wool wash programs to intensive washing for stain removal, your Ebac washing machine has the perfectly curated range of programs to handle everything. All completely customizable for your individual preferences too.

E carehot 14

Cast flywheel

The flywheel connects the drum to the inverter driven brushless motor and withstands huge forces and speed. A cast flywheel is stronger, more durable and robust than other fabricated versions.

E carehot 15

Durable bearings

High quality and durable bearings give the drum and your laundry a smooth ride. The bearings handle massive centrifugal forces and are a small but critical component in your machine.

E carehot 16

Drum spider

Connecting the flywheel to the drum and bearings the drum spider is a critical component of your machine. Ebac’s spider is of the highest quality manufactured with the most precise methods to give optimal performance.

7 year parts and labor warranty



All parts from the motor to the drum and everything in between are included in your comprehensive 7- year warranty. No exceptions, no exclusions.



All labour costs associated with the fitting, repair and replacement of your parts are fully included in your 7-year warranty.

Also available with Hot Fill technology

Use pre heated water from solar energy or a hot tank and reduce your laundry costs. The hot fill option allows your plumb a hot feed directly to the washing machine and save around £49 in running costs. 29% less electricity is used every wash and programs run up to 39 mins quicker.

E-Care 8kg Hot Fill

Ebac E-care 8kg White HOT FILL

  • Clean white design
  • Jet propelled cleaning
  • Up 45 items of laundry in one load
  • Ideal for medium size families
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy
  • 28 min quick wash
  • Easy iron setting
  • Time saver on all programs


E-Care 10kg Cold Fill

Ebac E-care 10kg White COLD FILL

  • Clean white design
  • Jet propelled cleaning
  • Up 60 items of laundry in one load
  • Large washing capacity for the biggest of families
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy
  • 28 min quick wash
  • Easy iron setting
  • Time saver on all programs


 Inc. VAT
E-Care 9kg Hot Fill

Ebac E-care 9kg White HOT FILL

  • Clean white design
  • Jet propelled cleaning
  • Up 50 items of laundry in one load
  • Ample washing capacity for larger families
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy
  • 28 min quick wash
  • Easy iron setting
  • Time saver on all programs


 Inc. VAT
E-Care 8kg Hot Fill

Ebac E-care 8kg White HOT FILL

  • Clean white design
  • Jet propelled cleaning
  • Up 45 items of laundry in one load
  • Ideal for medium size families
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy
  • 28 min quick wash
  • Easy iron setting
  • Time saver on all programs


 Inc. VAT

E-Care 8kg Cold Fill Silver

46 Reviews

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Ebac 2250e with Smart ControlReviewd on Jun 21, 2021
Excellent washing machine

Mr P Mills

We purchased our 8 kg. hot fill EBAC washing machine in July2018. On average we do 7/8 washes a week, 4 of which are 60 degree cycles. I am a builder and my daughter is a gardener, so any washing machine that enters our house gets a really thorough workout.. The machine has performed faultlessly, it is very quiet in operation and has options to cover most needs.


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