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Standard Settings

  • Ebca 345w3 Powerfully cleans everyday washing thoroughly
  • Vector Lowest running costs of any machine tested by Which?
  • Ebac 457tf Lowest amount of water
  • Ebac 56tg white Fewest microfibres released
  • Bx bxs time five Used for everyday washing with low running costs

Intensive Setting

  • Ebac 5t5s Prewash and intensive settings for stains and grime removal
  • Ebac 435df Runs for longer to help remove stains
  • Ebvae More water used to rinse stains
  • Ebafwe5 Only recommended for heavy stains and soiled loads
  • Mdi spray bottle Add stain removal products for enhanced performance

Lowest microfibre release

By washing your clothes for the optimal time, Ebac washing machines thoroughly clean your washing and release fewer microfibres. Microfibres are tiny particles of your clothing that detach every time you wash your clothes. Some machines overwash clothes and pollute the planet with microfibers. Ebac machines are specifically designed to thoroughly clean your washing to perfection, but not to release more microfibers than is absolutely necessary. To learn more about microfibre release in washing machines read this study from The University of Newcastle

Less water used with no compromise on cleaning performance

Ebac washing machines know exactly the correct amount of water to use for each load. By detecting the size of the load and the specific program you have selected, Ebac's technology calculates the appropriate amount of water to use in order to maximise cleaning performance and also reduce water consumption.

Lowest energy consumption – verified by Which?

In a recent test by Which? Ebac E-care washing machines were recognised as having the lowest running costs of the 177 washing machines tested. Which? stated that Ebac costs around £15 per year compared to other brands that cost on average £40 per year.

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We only use the best components

A substantial amount of components inside your Ebac washing machine are made by Ebac - the drum, all the metal casing and all the plastics. Made to high standards right here in the UK. All other components have been sourced to be the very best you can buy. Using the best components ensures durability and reliability and means an Ebac washing machine will last a long time. Eliminating the alternative of throwing away cheap machines after a few years and using up landfills.

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Constructed in the best way

50 years of experience making products for some of the most inhospitable locations around the world means we know what it takes to make reliable products. Your Ebac washing machine has been specifically engineered to be robust and resilient. All components are repairable and engineered to be serviceable. Durability and reliability married with expert engineering means your Ebac washing machine will last a very long time and provide outstanding value for money.

"Works really well, almost silent. Great build quality and British Made. A great long warranty on the product as well. It's top end on price but that is what you get when you pay fair wages and produce a robust product. I m sure I could have bought one much cheaper made in a foreign sweatshop!”

"I recently purchased a British Ebac Washing Machine and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Its beautifully designed and quiet and comes with a free 7- years parts & labour warranty from Ebac. I can only speak from my experience with Ebac. So far, it's 10 stars. I now intend to buy my daughter an Ebac washing machine."

"Well, what a machine, had a Bosch which cost a lot of money. But what most white goods makers don’t tell you is that they have sealed drums. So when the bearings fail you can’t get to them to replace. Research Ebac and was sold on the two-part drum system so you can replace a bearing. But you get a 7-year parts and labour anyhow which you just don’t get anywhere else. At last, a machine that is as quiet as a mouse and the wash cycle is fantastic too."

"We purchased an Ebac washing machine after my wife found that the Bosch washing machine never managed to rinse and spin effectively. Well, the Ebac is superb, it does those effectively and quietly! I am so pleased with it as I now get no complaints about the machine. I recommend it, and I don t know and cannot understand why it's not a Which best buy, and it's British made."

"Been using the machine now for a couple of months & we are very pleased. It's quiet, efficient & well built with a large access door & all the washing features one might need. I find a lot of today s products can be shoddy with built-in obsolescence, which is bad for everyone - thankfully that's NOT the case with Ebac."

"Very happy so far with our Ebac AWM74D2HWH 1400 RPM washing machine. Quiet wash cycles and the run-down timer indication give a clear indication of how much time is left before the wash cycle is completed. Love the large door and selectable spin speeds from 600 - 1400 rpm, also wash temperature from 20c - 90c even has a drum cleaning cycle if needed after extended use to clean and sanitise internally."

60 day money back guarantee

If you are not completely happy with your Ebac washing machines in the first 60 days, we will give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked. We will even cover the shipping fees.

Lowest running costs of any brand

In a recent study by Which, Ebac washing machines were recognised as having the lowest running costs at just £15 per year.

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