Reliability Built–in

Clever features and 1000’s of hours of testing ensure you get complete peace of mind and excellent value for money.

10 Year Parts Warranty

We believe our washing machines are reliable through and through and to prove this, we have included up to a 10 years parts warranty.

120,000 Hours of Testing

Washing machines work hard and our quality and reliability testing procedures ensure each one is as reliable as the next, performing at their best for years to come.

Perfectly Balanced

Our technology ensures the laundry in your washer is properly balanced, so when spinning at incredibly high speeds there is no damage caused by unbalanced loads.

Self Sense Diagnostics

10 diagnostic codes can help you rectify problems easily without the need for engineer call-outs.

Designed around you

We have designed and created a washing machine to work around your needs helping make your life that little bit more convenient.

Hydro Fin & Plasma Drum

Our cleverly designed hydro fin and plasma drum design help improve water dispersion and maximise rotation ensuring your clothes get the full treatment as efficiently as possible.

My Wash

Imagine a wash setting that was exactly what you wanted it to be, every time without re-setting controls and pressing multiple buttons. My Wash is just that. It let’s you set your favourite wash routine and away you go!

Energy Saving

A great wash doesn’t have to be expensive to run or tough on the environment either. Our washing machines employ an array of smart energy saving technologies helping save money and care for the planet.

Dual Fill

Filling your washing machine with your system’s hot water saves up to 29% of energy and up to 40 minutes per wash, and also saves you money on your energy bills.

Precision Load

Our technology calculates the optimum amount of water to be used for each load you put in, meaning you get a highly efficient wash that saves on energy and can reduce your water usage by over half.

Time Saver

With our time saver feature you can reduce running time and energy usage by up to 10%. Along with all these other energy saving techniques, you can be sure your Ebac washing machine will provide you ultimate value for money.

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