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Ebac, The People's Choice

May 2015

Over 80% of the public choose Ebac over a competitor. Identical water, two coolers, five days, one public workplace. Don't believe us? Watch the video now!

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North East Business Awards Winners

March 2014

Ebac are proud winners of the Manufacturing Award at the Journal North East Business Awards 2014.

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Water Cooler Manufacturers in Europe

Ebac are the market leaders in the European Water Cooler Production market, based in the UK, we have been manufacturing both bottled water coolers and plumbed in water coolers for over 15 years.
We launched Europe's most successful water cooler / dispenser - the EMax water dispenser - back in 2000, which has gone on to sell over 500,000 units, and become the most successful water dispenser or water cooler ever launched in Europe.


Water Coolers & Plumbed In Water Coolers

We have a range of Bottled Water Coolers available as well as Point Of Use Water Coolers ("Plumbed In" or "Mains Fed") that have been designed to be 'best in class' - each one of our water coolers / water dispensers
has been developed to appeal to different sections of the watercooler or water dispenser market. To find our more about our range of watercoolers and water dispensers please visit our Watercoolers section.


Bottled Water Cooler Technology

We have a range of water coolers that feature a number of cutting edge water cooler technologies that you won't find in any other water cooler or water dispenser systems.
For example our revolutionary Cassette Water Trail in our FMax Water Dispenser/Cooler makes sanitisation of a water cooler or water dispenser effortless, and our revolutionary Hot Tank saves customers hundreds of pounds each year on a water dispenser running costs.