Why you should buy an Ebac dehumidifier

Ebac Dehumidifiers have the Lowest Running Costs, are Easy to Operate and will solve your damp and condensation problems, fast!

What makes our dehumidifiers so special?

  • Smart Control –¬†Automatically detects when to operate providing total home dampness contro
  • Robust manufacturing – Using only high quality ABS polymers
  • Made in Britain – With highly skilled employees and quality standards
  • Intelligent Defrost – System ensures dehumidifier runs more effectively
  • Simple Water Container – Fully encloses to stop any spillage, easy to empty
  • Laundry Mode – Aids in home drying of laundry
  • British Climate- Designed and built specifically to cope with the unique UK climate
  • Quiet Running – High quality manufacture to ensure low sound attenuation
  • Condensation Cure Guarantee – Guaranteed to remove your condensation and damp problems
  • Hydrophilic Coils – Maximize water extraction and improve efficiency
  • Highly Durable Chassis –¬†Build to withstand extreme conditions and last 10 to 15 years