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For over 50 years, Ebac has been dedicated to the development of air treatment products, catering to customers worldwide.

Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential settings, as well as complex projects in critical climates across the globe.

Notably, we have collaborated with esteemed organisations such as the British Government, the London Underground, and the British Army.

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Choosing to partner with Ebac

Partnering with Ebac to sell Ebac Heat Pumps comes with a multitude of advantages, ultimately enhancing their business offerings and customer satisfaction.

The key reasons to collaborate with Ebac revolve around our outstanding product range, expert technical and operational support, and the unique advantages derived from UK manufacture. Everything from Design to Aftersales is based here in our UK factory.

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Ebac Heat Pumps boast an exceptional
product range that sets them apart from
competitors in the market.

With genuine consumer Unique Selling Points (USPs), these heat pumps offer distinct features and benefits that provide differentiation.

Whether it's the innovative defrost system, high efficiency performance, or leading control system compatibility with major smart thermostats, Ebac Heat Pumps provide compelling advantages that attract and delight consumers.

By aligning with Ebac, you gain access to a product portfolio that gives them a competitive edge, elevating their offerings and capturing the attention of discerning customers.

Technical and operational support is another key advantage when working with Ebac. With a UK-based team of experts, partners have direct access to top-notch technical support and guidance.

Ebac's knowledgeable professionals are well-versed in our product range and can offer assistance in resolving technical issues or providing recommendations.

This support ensures smooth installations and ongoing customer satisfaction, building trust and loyalty among consumers


0333 880 3427

Partners can rely on Ebac's expertise and comprehensive backing to deliver a seamless experience to their customers.

UK manufacture is a significant advantage offered by Ebac Heat Pumps. By being manufactured locally, Ebac ensures short lead times and easy availability of their products.

This translates to faster delivery and installation times, reducing waiting periods for consumers.

Additionally, UK manufacture instils confidence in customers as it signifies adherence to strict quality control measures and compliance with UK standards and regulations.

Partners can rely on Ebac's efficient manufacturing processes to provide quick access to their heat pumps, enhancing their operational efficiency and customer service.

Partnering with Ebac presents installers with a range of benefits that extend to both you business and your customers.

From an outstanding product range with consumer USPs to expert technical and operational support based in the UK, combined with the advantages of UK manufacture, working with Ebac enables installers to deliver exceptional solutions, gain a competitive edge, and satisfy customers with high-quality, differentiated heat pump offerings.

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With Ebac, you can rely on a trusted partner with a proven legacy of over 50 years in engineering innovative solutions for British homes.

From product design and manufacturing to ongoing customer support, we are committed to delivering excellence in air treatment and creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for your home.

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