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High Efficiency

By taking innovative steps, developing patented technology and meticulous component selection, Ebac is positioned amongst the best systems on the market.

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Keep it Simple

Easy to install, intuitive controls and quick access panels for any maintenance. Our heat pumps are an installers dream.

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Built to Last

Designed and manufactured in the UK; we believe in our products, which is why we offer 7 years parts & labour warranty

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Tailored for the UK Climate

After countless hours of studying UK climate data, the Ebac Design team set to tune the control logic to ensure optimum running efficiency in UK conditions.

What Makes us Different?

Ebac's design team studied 10 years of the UK Met office data and enhanced the unit's performance throughout the UK heating system.

The heat pumps manufactured by Ebac are designed and manufactured in the UK, and feature a durable and robust steel casing. They offer the convenience of both wall and floor mounting, with optional brackets available. The units operate quietly, ensuring a comfortable environment for user

One of the standout features of Ebac's heat pumps is the patent-pending defrost system, which has the potential to save consumers up to 15% on their annual running costs. Over a span of 10 years, this could accumulate savings of £1500 (£150 per year) This revolutionary defrost operation approach, discovered through climate condition analysis in the UK, is unique to Ebac

Ebac has prioritised simplicity and ease of use in the control system. We have developed an intuitive interface that simplifies commissioning and enables easy diagnostics. Moreover, the system is compatible with various popular smart thermostats, such as Homely and Google Nest, providing users with the flexibility to integrate their heat pumps into their preferred home automation ecosystem.

Customers can rely on UK-based support from Ebac, ensuring prompt assistance and expert advice. Our expertise allows us to provide guidance on the application of our products and filter out unnecessary service calls, further enhancing the customer experience.

Overall, Ebac has successfully combined simplicity, efficiency, and durability in our heat pump design. With a focus on customer support and innovative features, we aim to provide a superior heating solution for homeowners.