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Add garments during wash

Every Ebac machine allows you to pause the program mid-cycle and add any garments to the wash. We don't need special doors to do that.

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Auto dosing

Whilst auto dosing can be useful, the dosing drawers frequently get clogged up with detergent and are prone to overdosing as you cant see how much they are putting into the drum.

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Steam generation to remove wrinkles is a complex technology that can easily break down. Every time you add more technology to a product there are more things that can go wrong.

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Other tech

Special bubbles, holes in the drum, and filters are all unnecessary complexities that won't improve your washing performance.

Should I buy ‘fancy’ technology?

In our research, 87% of families use the same 3 programmes every time they use their machine. Many people regret buying technology-based machines as they either never use the technology, or it breaks down a lot.