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Extraction RateWarrantyAdvanced Smart Control

Our most powerful dehumidifier, the 3850e combines the latest technology and user friendly features designed for you and your home. Made in Britain for the British Climate, this 21 litre dehumidifier uses Smart Technology that automatically detects when to operate eliminating condensation, dampness, mould and odours.

3850e 21 Litre Dehumidifier



Sneeze reducing technology

Switch to Air Purification Mode through spring and summer months to help remove pollen, dust and bacteria from the air.  Ebac’s Air Purification using high grade filters help clean the home so allergy suffers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.

Forget humidistats, think Smart

With the technology to constantly monitor the environment in and around your home, Ebac Smart dehumidifiers control humidity for you. Forget about checking the air temperature and a psychometric chart, we’ve got it covered.

Key Features

  • Condensation Cure Guarantee

    We’re so confident that the 3850e dehumidifier will cure condensation, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a no quibble money back guarantee from Ebac. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with our 3850e dehumidifier we give a full refund.

  • intelligent defrost icon

    Patented Intelligent Defrost

    Because of the often unpredictable climate living in the UK comes with, it is not unusual for the dehumidifier to ice up at the rear of the unit. With Patented Intelligent Defrost, your dehumidifier has the intelligence to detect this and will allow the dehumidifier to defrost, providing faster and more efficient operation.

  • smart control icon

    Patented Smart Control

    With Patented Smart Control, your dehumidifier constantly monitors the environment in and around your home to know when to work, and importantly, when not to work so your home is always free from excess moisture.

  • drying laundry icon

    Special Laundry Drying Setting

    Thanks to its specially designed front facing air vent, the Ebac 3850e dehumidifier is perfect for drying laundry indoors. Hang the wet clothes on a clothes horse, place them in a small room along with the dehumidifier and they’ll be dry in no time.

  • purified air icon

    Air Purification Mode

    Your 3850e dehumidifier will remove pollen, germs, dust and bacteria from the air. Use our Air Purification Mode through spring and summer to hep prevent allergies and keep the air fresh and clean.

Key Features

More Information


Size & Weight

  • Height 50.6 cm
  • Width 32.7 cm
  • Depth 27.3 cm
  • Weight 13 kgs
  • Power cord length 2.1m

Display & Controls

  • Controls Smart
  • Display LED


  • Air Purification Mode
  • Intelligent Defrost
  • Smart Control
  • Boost Facility
  • Integrated Handle
  • Auto Shut Off Functionality
  • Container Full Indication
  • Standby Mode
  • Removable/Changable Filter
  • Front Loading Water Container
  • Cable Tidy
  • Quiet Mode
  • Permanent Drainage Option

Extraction & Capacity

  • Extraction rate 21 Litres (per day)
  • Water container capacity 2.5 Litres


  • White

Electrical & Operating Requirements

  • Dehumidifier type Compressor
  • Min operating temperature 3c
  • Max operating temperature 35c 
  • Noise level 46dBa
  • Fan speed 2 Settings
  • Max power consumption 320W
  • Power supply V/Hz 230/50 V/Hz
  • Optimised for the British climate

Warranty & Service

  • 2 year warranty (covering parts & labour)
  • UK based customer care team available before & after a purchase


  • CE Approved
  • Electrical Approved
  • EMC Approved

Suitable For

  • Property Suitable for up to 5 bed rooms
  • Size 225m2/450m3

Comes With

  • Filters 1 dust filter
Read Reviews (56)

What is smart control?

Ebac have developed a new way of controlling your dehumidifier, called Smart Control.

Smart Control is intelligent electronic software that replaces a normal humidistat.

It’s more effective at eliminating condensation and damp; it’s also more energy efficient and can save about half your running costs, between £30 & £50 per annum.

Smart Control is fully automatic. Once you switch your dehumidifier on and select Smart Control, you don’t need to make any adjustments to the controls; it simply runs and sleeps when it needs to.

Explore our Patented Smart Control in more detail or Watch John Elliott explain how it works


What is intelligent defrost?

In order to continue to operate effectively, a dehumidifier needs to defrost, just like your freezer.

A dehumidifier in defrost mode is not removing moisture, so defrosting should be minimised.

Ebac’s Patented Intelligent Defrost optimizes the defrost frequency and duration, keeping the dehumidifier running more frequently and more efficiently.

Ebac dehumidifiers are the only dehumidifiers that do this.

Explore Ebac’s Patented Intelligent Defrost in more detail


What’s the right size dehumidifier for me?

You may have heard that picking the right dehumidifier can depend on the size of your home. That’s not entirely accurate, for example, 2 people in a 5 bedroom house will need to remove less moisture than 2 people in a 2 bedroom house, because the bigger house has more capacity to hold the moisture.

Dehumidifiers have different extraction capacities and as a general guide the more people in the home, the more excess moisture that needs to be removed. However a unit with a bigger capacity will cost less to run than a smaller unit, providing it has a good control system.

An “oversized” unit will run less than a smaller unit to extract the same amount of moisture. They usually extract more moisture per unit of electricity and by running less frequently they last longer.

Our dehumidifiers are labelled with suitability, based on occupants, in order to help you decide which dehumidifier is right for you.

We’d recommend reading our how to choose a dehumidifier guide for more information on dehumidifier suitability.


How long will it take for my condensation to clear?

You should start to notice an improvement in your condensation after just 1 day, however, it could take up to a month to get excess moisture in your home under control.

We are so confident that an Ebac dehumidifier will resolve your condensation problem that we are offering a 60 day condensation cure guarantee. This is a no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Ebac dehumidifier, we will refund your purchase price*.

*Guarantee only applies to dehumidifier purchases made from Ebac

What does the extraction rate mean?

The extraction rate is the amount of water that can be extracted in 24 hours.

What is the difference between the extraction rate and the water container size?

The extraction rate on a dehumidifier is the amount of water your dehumidifier will extract per day and the water container size is the amount of water your dehumidifier can hold at any one time


How much does a dehumidifier cost to run?

The cost of running a dehumidifier is reduced greatly with Ebac’s Patented Smart Control.

Smart control can save about half of the running cost of a typical dehumidifier, between £30 and £55 per annum.

An Ebac dehumidifier from the 2000 series will cost around 23p to remove a litre of water, a typical saving of 14p per litre of water extracted.

Learn more about Ebac’s Patented Smart Control


Where does the water come from?

The list is virtually endless; running a shower or bath, boiling a kettle, cooking a meal, doing the dishes and drying laundry all increase the level of moisture in your home.

Even something as simple as breathing, the weather and climate can add to the problem, creating condensation and damp.


Where do I put my dehumidifier?

For tackling problems like condensation we would recommend placing your dehumidifier in a central place, such as a hallway, keeping all doors slightly a jar. If you have certain problem areas that you would like the dehumidifier to fix then simply place it in that room/area until the problem is under control, then move the dehumidifier to a central place.

How quickly will the water container fill up?

This depends on how much excess moisture is in the air. At first you will probably find your dehumidifier collects as much as 2 containers of water per day, but after it removes the initial moisture from the air it will slow down and you will probably find yourself emptying the water container every 1-2 days.

How much moisture will I generate in a day?

Two people will generate 24 pints of moisture at home in one single day & up to two pints of this moisture cannot be absorbed by your home.

Will I need to service my dehumidifier?

The only thing you should need to replace on your dehumidifier is the filters; this should be done every 3 months.


Our filters come in two variants;

Bactiguard filters are designed to combat germs, bacteria and fungi.

Activated carbon filters are designed to remove unpleasant odours from your home.


How do I permanently drain my dehumidifier?

All Ebac dehumidifiers offer permanent drainage functionality. In order to take advantage of such functionality you can purchase a permanent drainage kit direct from Ebac – they’re simple to use and offer a simple solution.

Visit here for a selection


All dehumidifiers with our Exclusive Smart Technology bought direct from Ebac come with Free 2 Year Warranty, Parts and Labour.

Product Manual

56 reviews for 3850e 21 Litre Dehumidifier


    Very good value for money, no more damp in the home.

  2. Mr R Hulse

    We’ve just bought a new Ebac model 3850, had our last one for years. We bought that one due to the terrible condensation we had in our 1970s built house. When we bought it we were amazed how much water it collected. In 2012 we moved to a brand new house and thankfully the windows are always bone dry, however as building work was still going on around us, it was so dusty, so instead of hanging washing out we used the laundry setting. In winter we use our dehumidifier, clothes dry in no time. Highly recommend Ebac, and great that it’s made in Britain. When we replace our washing machine will look at Ebac as they sound impressive.

  3. A Hutchence

    Our detached house was built in the mid 70s & our uvpc Windows even though in good condition are getting on 23yrs old. At the start of every heating season when we draw curtains in morning we were faced with heavy condensation on all windows upstairs without fail. Got the 3820e model & must admit for the first 48hrs it never seemed to be off. It was collecting 2.5lts every day for agood 1/5 weeks, was amazed by the amount of water it was collecting. Now when we wake up we are not faced with heavy condensation but apart from the odd morning when we get a couple of inches at bottom of glass which soon clears we have clear glass Fantastic! We have also noticed that before upstairs always seemed to be colder & just put that down to our house being tile hung on top half with not much insulation. This is not the case now & is a lot warmer with the dampness feeling removed. Have Recommended this to so many family & friends, as I think this machine is Amazing & like others wished I got one years ago. With Great performance, Great Build & Best Of all Made In The UK, go ahead & purchase You Will Not Be Disappointed !

  4. R

    Amazing piece of technology Have previous experience of Ebac dehumidifiers, this new machine far exceeds previous models, Have had significant condensation problems on single glazed windows, now gone Damp walls also improved Have only had the machine for 4 days Outstanding product and amazing results Thank you Ebac

  5. Ruth Mason

    Superb product, well made in the UK. Works so effectively we can’t imagine how we managed without it, litres of water removed from a home that would not be considered damp. Washing dries overnight with no heating on! Has improved my husbands breathing problems. Thanks for such a great product

  6. zoe Hawkins

    I live in a 1960’s 2 bed flat and the condensation and mould was a real problem. I had been using a dehumidifier for 3 years thinking it was pretty good but this has just knocked socks of it by far. I am so glad I decided to buy it and not one regret. I was extracting a pint of water a day off the windows and if I ran my hand down the walls they were wet. After a few days with it on the difference was outstanding. The walls dryer, no condensation on any of the windows in the flat and it was taking litre’s of moisture out. I have used to it dry 6 loads of washing in 3 days and still the flat stays dry. The air feels cleaner, the flat smells better, after a couple of weeks my walls are literally bone dry and the dark mould has started to fade away. I would without a doubt recommend this to anybody who has problems. Absolute winner I couldn’t fault it. This Dehumidifier is brilliant!!


    This new neat style is lovely to look at and works so easily. I’ve had an ebac in my old home since they were invented and sold from their old premises at St. Helens in Bishop Auckland. I have walls with a bit of damp and Windows that would stream with condensation but from the first day I switched my first unit on the windows were clear. The musty smell of damp in my dining room got less and less and my whole home felt slightly warmer and just better. I have a large downstairs bathroom and we have one unit in there all the time with the plug out through the wall so the socket is in another room for safety and that bathroom changed from a really cold room with walls streaming with condensation to a warmer no mould bathroom. I still open the window after shower or bath for 10 minutes but with the ebac on the room is not a damp icebox anymore. They last a Very long time but if you have any problems you just phone them and they are so helpful. I bought for my parents and it made their home so much better for them especially when someone has chest/breathing problems and damp can be bad for them. Lots of friends have bought them after my advice and I can’t impress upon anyone just how wonderful these units are. I just wish I was on commission for them!!!!!

  8. Richard Moll

    excellent dehumidifier but at cost would have liked casters on it .

  9. Phil Morgan

    Our s cond dehumidifier from Ebac, excellent build and quality. Surprising how much moisture there is in a normal house.

  10. John

    What a great dehumidifier, does a great job on all settings, and it looks great. If you’re looking for good product buy this one. Well done Ebac.

  11. Mark Kelly

    We were suffering extreme condensation and mould in our house, tried lots of so called remedies, all no good. We found this little beauty through your website, read the reviews and never looked back, within a week the house was dried out and now we have no mould or condensation. The smart feature is great, turn it on and forget about it. Really easy to empty container, full up and shut off function. Absolutely the best £250 I have spent in a long long time, every house should have one.

  12. Joan Smith

    early days yet but seems to do what we needed

  13. Mark Humphreys

    This is our second Ebac Dehumidifier. We are impressed with our new machine simple to use and very efficient.

  14. NIgel Lorriman

    Our 4-bed detached house has 20year old double glazed windows. During the winter months they’re running with condensation every morning and it’s difficult to keep on top of the problem. We installed this dehumidifier in an unused bedroom and made sure all of the doors were slightly ajar. Within a couple of days the condensation is all but gone. It hasn’t eradicated the problem entirely, because I suspect that some of the windows are actually colder than the Ebac, but I wasn’t expecting miracles. Smart mode is great. It only runs when it’s required, so I’m reassured that it isn’t wasting energy. My only issue came when removing the tank. It seemed too full and quite a bit of water spilled into the base of the unit when I tilted the tank to remove it. Next time I’m going to wait until the unit turns itself off to see whether the float cut-off device is working or not. In the meantime it’s sitting on a towel on a tray, just in case.

  15. Sean Smith

    Removes excess moisture from the house, and dries the clothes well! Not too heavy, or large – looks the part.

  16. Susan Gutteridge

    Very efficient, compact and quiet machine. Excellent for drying the washing. Would definitely recommend it.

  17. Metalhippy

    An understated compact British built unit designed for this climate, this machine sucks all the wetness out of our house leaving virtually no window condensation even on the coldest north facing windows. Also has a fast setting if you have a load of wet washing hanging around. It makes a minimal amount of noise and is virtually inaudible after your brain forgets about it!!! Good, bright display panel, sturdy easy to empty collector. Portable around the house albeit a little heavy but we have ours on the top landing permanently. Well worth that little expense and stops you wasting money on useless cheap catalogue models. Top product from a Company that has its business head in the right place.

  18. ML

    I found the online article from the MD of Ebac and it convinced me that it made sense to buy a dehumidifier which was really designed for the climate in the UK: I have not been disappointed. Can highly recommend Ebac from start to finish

  19. D. Smith.

    This is the second machine we have purchased from Ebac and we are very pleased with all of its quality and function, it is much quieter than our first machine and is proving to be very efficient in its operation.

  20. Nick Davies

    We got this to replace our previous Ebac (Wickes) dehumidifier which we bought in 1998 and had served us well for 18 years! (The fan finally gave up the ghost and I’ve already fixed it twice. This time it was beyond repair. Not bad as in same period we have had 3 washing machines). Used in winter in the utility room for drying washing on the ceiling rack and it’s dry next day. This new one is quieter and seems to extract more water. Smart control is excellent; just leave it to its own devices and it decides when to run. The product evolution is good to see, and still made in County Durham! Well done Ebac and keep up the good work.

  21. Joe Crossley

    Total Quality from Sales to service and definitely to the product. Be proud of yourselves Ebac

  22. KEITH

    It’s probably the best electric appliance I’ve ever bought, well worth the money.

  23. Les

    We replaced our old 6000 series dehumidifier with the new 3850e dehumidifier because after 6yrs of excellent service and a rock solid warranty it’s time to upgrade to a new model .i read the reviews and the 3850e does exactly what they say, I’m now buying another one to put in the utility room for drying washing etc.

  24. James Ryder

    This has to be one of the best dehumidifiers that Ebac has produced, the smart control is a genius, it works very well. The only negative is the water collection door rattles some times, however it works extremely well, I’m collecting one container a day.

  25. James Ryder

    It has to be among one of the best dehumidifiers ebac has produced, the smart control is a genius. The only negative is sometimes the water container door rattles a bit acationaly but overall a great machine

  26. Les Beswick

    We have this one, and the slightly less powerful one, and they are certainly doing a brilliant job in this house. I would certainly recommend.



  28. P

    One of the best designed pieces of equipment I have owned. Easy to use, easy to follow instructions. Drys clothes a treat and our condensation problems are solved. Wish I’d purchased one years ago! Can’t wait for Ebac to make manufacture more household appliances (the washing machine is next on my list).

  29. Tony Dell

    This model works very well and the Smart Control turns the unit on and off as the humidity level rises and falls.

  30. Colin Bunce

    Excellent machine which is reasonably compact and light. With the external drainage pipe you don’t even have to empty the machine. In Smart Mode it is fairly quiet and unobtrusive.

  31. John Ashling

    Works straight out of the box, front door rattles sometimes but a piece of card under it stops it. Like the idea of the Smart Control, only have to empty when full. Not too noisy, placed in a spare bedroom and just leave door ajar. Cures condensation problem.

  32. Kelly

    This reduced our condensation straight away and after four weeks has completely eradicated it so I am really pleased with this purchase. It is also very quiet which is a bonus.

  33. Mrs Morley

    We are very pleased with our purchase, it is making a real difference in getting on top of the condensation problem. Wished we had bought one sooner .

  34. Tony Hatley

    It does what it says on the tin.

  35. B Kidd

    Excellent product.

  36. John

    Item delivered as promised within a one hour slot with tracking facility. Simple to set up and understand the operating instructions. To date it has worked well and we are monitoring the RH with an hygrometer. Proof of our satisfaction is that we bought another for the conservatory.

  37. Lisa

    Excellent, no more condensation on the windows of a morning also house feels warmer.

  38. Ronald Holmes

    Excellent product.

  39. Kevin Haito

    Quiet in operation and is powerful. I started using it in a newly plastered room and it made the plaster quickly dry. I purchased it directly from Ebac, they matched the Amazon price & I got a free 5 year guarantee which would have cost me extra from Amazon. Delivery was trackable and I could be waiting for it to arrive.

  40. David Slevin

    Dehumidifier is well build and also very reliable also has cured condensation problem since we have used the Ebac we haven’t had any condensation on our windows also like the smart feature so it turns itself on and off so saving on running costs.

  41. Kevin Smith

    Very effective reliable machine which is both easy to operate and does exactly what is expected.

  42. Ian Finlayson

    Machine received approx 3 weeks ago and is working satisfactory. Moisture has reduced significantly and we are thoroughly satisified.

  43. Joanne

    Fab! No problems I’m amazed how much water it takes out of the house every day. Defiantly can feel a difference in air quality and the rooms feel a lot warmer in the winter. Top marks!

  44. M. Giilllespie

    This is my second Ebac Dehumidifier. The previous one was 2000 series and lasted well. The current 3850e 21L is working well. Care should be taken during the installation to correctly position and level the Dehumidifier. When installed correctly it is a reasonably priced, quiet running, reliable and efficient bit of kit and I am happy to give it five stars.

  45. MR. C. Cousins

    We must have had more than half a dozen dehumidifiers over the ast 30 or more years and this is by far the best. What more can one say.

  46. Cath

    Although initially we had a couple of problems with our machine, Ebac dealt with them quickly and efficiently each time. The machine has worked perfectly since then and it collects huge amounts of water for us!

  47. beechdriver

    this is a superb machine for the home, had this for a couple of weeks now and the house feels more comfortable in this cold weather. Great build quality with great features for modern living. I think we should all have one of these as the washing dries quicker, the windows aren’t steamed up in the morning and my Asthma feels easier now for some reason. I’ve already recommended this to many friends without any hesitation, well done Ebac keep up the good work for us.

  48. Colin Dunwell

    I have an old damp house

  49. Mr singh

    I live in a modern home where its well insulated so its good in the winter to keep cold air coming in but not good for air circulation causing mold and damp like conditions causing bad air quality and ive always had that damp smell in my modern house although no damp. Ive had the 3850 dehumidifier for a few days now and the damp smell around the house has gone ive placed the dehumidifier outside my bedroom on the landing and its quiet enough at night without disturbing sleep as long as you leave it smart mode, its a quality product in design and build its a must have item in a british home if you want a healthy home and you carnt go wrong witha british co. Its the best dehumidifier out there.

  50. Nick Close

    Bought this 3 days ago, been constantly running since and in this short time has extracted 10 litres of moisture from my 2 bed flat. I’ve already noticed an improvement in temperature and much less condensation. Simple set up and operation, literally plug and go. The only thing you need to do is empty the collection tank. Quiet to run and not noticed an increase in electricity consumption. Overall a great item which does what it says on the tin Would be nice if the fragrance filter and castors were included in the box, unfortunately they are an optional extra and I can”t source a supplier for the fragrance filter

  51. Alan Ward

    The 3850 dehumidifier is an effective machine that does a super job of controlling the condensation in our home. The Smart Setting feature is just brilliant. It controls the machine just perfectly!

  52. Ian Kellett

    This is my second Ebac Dehumidifier the first a 2850e which ran day in day out for 6 years. Decided when looking for a replacement to go for digital control and in doing so chose the 3850e, so far I’m highly delighted it’s easy to use, the drying washing facility is a really nice touch, great product, trusted British manufacturer, excellent customer service. Would have given a deserved Five Stars only the first unit I received was delivered damaged, thankfully Ebac Customer Services quickly resolved the issue.

  53. D Thompson

    Noisier than my previous one, but I only ran that on low. Love all the features, especially the clothes drying mode and am happy for him to purr about his endeavours. No problems so far. I am a happy bunny.

  54. Maurice Gibb

    Great machine which is very efficient. Very happy with it. Only reason I have not awarded 5 stars is it is slightly on the noisy side when running on automatic. Otherwise first class.

  55. Bob Sharp

    Quality product at a good price plus reliable. What more could l ask (plus locally made).

  56. Steve Camfield

    This is a very good dehumidifier, especially the Smart control which works far better than our earlier model which did not have it. It is extremely good at removing condensation. My only gripe, hence 4 stars, and it is a design fault that existed on my previous Ebac, is that the door moves so easily when the unit turns itself on and then vibrates; not every time, but often and I find this fault most annoying especially at night.

Add a review