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Vacuuming condensation off windows is not the right way to deal with condensation.
Condensation is the tip of the iceberg. It’s a sign of a bigger problem. A dehumidifier solves the problem at the source.

Window Vac
Window Vac


Condensation is a completely natural thing. Every family creates between 1.5 to 2 litres of moisture every day from cooking, washing, showering and even breathing creases moisture.

This moisture we create gets trapped in our home. In winter, the problem is made worse. A dehumidifier allows you to control the excess humidity that causes damp, condensation, mold, musty smells and other moisture related problems. Dehumidifiers make your home a warmer, cosier place.

If you do not control this excess moisture it damages our health and home

If we do not control this moisture – it damages our health and our home.

Excess moisture is invisible until it creates problems – by then it’s almost too late. The problems already exists. By using a dehumidifier to capture excess moisture we prevent these problems occurring.

More and more families are choosing to use a dehumidifier throughout the winter to protect their homes and families from the damp and cold winters. Dehumidifiers attract and capture the moisture in your home that can cause problems.

Why Sucking Up is Bad

Sucking up condensation from your windows every day is not only inconvenient but pointless. There are many places in your home where condensation occurs – not only the windows.

A Window Vac only collects water from the windows. All the other cooler places in the home such as a north facing wall or an unheated bedroom are unprotected and the condensation with be there too – but you won’t be able to see it.

An Ebac dehumidifier attacks and control ALL moisture in your home, not just the condensation that shows on the windows

Instead of spending £100 on a pointless manual tool, that doesn’t even solve your problem – put it towards an Ebac Dehumidifier. From just £189 you can have a permanent solution to the problem of excess moisture.

Try free for 7 days. Before you buy a Window Vac – why don’t you try a dehumidifier. We offer a free 7 day trial and you will see the results within 25 hours.

Instead of spending £100 on a pointless manual Window Vac


You will see results in 48 hours

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