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The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying A Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine can be a complex process these days. There’s so many different brands, so many different models, so many different options and so much different technology. What are the key do’s and don’ts when you’re buying a new one?

Here’s the don’ts:

The first is don’t be seduced by low pricing. Low pricing invariably means lower quality. What may seem like a bargain now could turn out to be a nightmare. If the washing machine breaks down after a year or two, your £300 bargain will end up being a £600 disaster. You’ll have to buy a new one.

Another don’t is don’t be seduced by technology that you will never use. Do you really need an app to control your washing machine? Many washing machines now allow you to put the laundry in after the programme starts, so do you really need an extra little drawer to open and put that in? Do you need auto pouring detergent? There are many other more efficient ways, such as laundry strips, to put detergent into your machine. Don’t be seduced by all the latest gadgets and technology. Many of them are never used.

Next don’t is don’t be seduced by enormous programme options. Our research shows that the majority of people use three or four programmes regularly. The quick wash is by far the most important programme. Allergy or high-density cleaning 4000 bedding is the next most popular, then delicates, like a hand wash. Going for washing machine with 2030 different programmes, you’re not going to use the vast majority of them. So keep it simple and make it easy to use.

Another don’t is don’t be seduced by the way washing machine looks. Yes, it’s important to fit in and look nice in your laundry room or utility room or kitchen, but the primary function of the washing machine is to work hard and clean your clothes well. It has to be durable and strong. The door has to be strong, more than beautiful. The detergent drawer should be strong more than pretty. The control buttons should be reliable and not break after a few times, as opposed to looking sexy. The handle to open the door and the door itself should be well made and robust, not look great but appear flimsy. So, don’t get seduced by the way it looks. Always look at the quality and the robustness of it.

Here are some do’s.

Always buy the most expensive washing machine you can afford, even if you have to use interest free credit. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, and buying a more expensive washing machine made in the UK to higher quality standards with higher quality components will serve you well in the long run and save you money. It will last longer, breakdown less, wash your clothes better to a higher standard for much longer.

Do also look for a washing machine that is ethically sound. Make sure it doesn’t over wash, doesn’t pollute the oceans too much, reduces the amount of microfibers have not been made 5000 miles away and get shipped here causing huge environmental impact in a sealed two footprint and is not being made in dubious manufacturing plants with child labour or people being exploited on low wages.

Do buy one that’s made in the right way. Do buy a washing machine is repairable. All Ebac washing machines are guaranteed for seven years. Sometimes unexpected things happened and straps can get caught, people can leave things in pockets, and it can get trapped in the machine. Many unexpected things can happen that can damage the washing machine. So, always make sure it’s repairable. Ebac machines are all repairable. The pumps are a pleasurable the bearings are a parable. Make sure the machine is repairable so you don’t end up throwing out an expensive washing machine for a relatively minor problem.

Here’s a good one. Everyone should clean the filter on the washing machine regularly, but very few washing machines have a drain tube Ebac washing machines. This means that when you open the filter at the bottom of the machine to remove any obstacles that have been trapped in the wash, water doesn’t pour of all over your floor. You simply drain the drainpipe to drain the water on the bottom of the machine into a little bowl and dispose of that down the sink. Then when you open the filter, water doesn’t pour everywhere. Always do look for a drain pipe on your machine.

Consider using a hot fill machine. All Ebac washing machines are available with a hot fill option. Hot fill means that it takes hot water from your pipes and boiler, as opposed to heating the water up in the washing machine heating. Using water that has already been heated from solar power or an immersion tank will be considerably cheaper than the tank bringing in cold water and heating up in the washing machine. It also means that your washing machine will last longer as it will not need to use the onboard heating element. As the heating element isn’t used as much, it means that if you have solar power, your hot water is almost virtually free and is generally speaking a more economic and environmentally sound way of heating up your water.

Ebac Washing Machine Hot Fill Feed

We hope you found these do’s and don’ts useful. Good luck with buying your washing machine.

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